No one cares until……

Ever tried looking up your name on Google and the result came back unknown and you stare at your screen pondering on the reasons.. may be my name is too difficult to spell, maybe google is biased, maybe google isn’t the best search engine in the world after all. These possibilities are interesting but have you asked yourself the honest possibility? What have I actually done to make google care about who I am?
The holy grail is, Nobody cares about you until you do something worth caring about. So…
Stand up, pick up your scalpel and be the best neurosurgeon to walk the earth
Stand up, pick up your camera, travel the world and create a picture the world needs to see
Stand up, pick up your pen and write a story the world won’t forget through time
Stand up, pick up your script and act the role worthy of an oscar
Stand up, pick up your paint brush and create the most expensive art the world is yet to see.
Stand up, pick up your pencil and design a dress the runways will never stop talking about centuries to come
Stand up, get your laptop and create a program never seen before
Stand up, learn the trade and be the entrepreneur worthy of forbes listing
Stand up, pick up your lab coat, adjust you microscope and be the one that finds the cure for cancer.
Stand up, pick up yourself and be the solution and not the problem…
Stand up, make the right choice and save a life….
Stand up, understand who you are, why you are here and maximize your potential
Stand up, be honest, be humble, be a winner from within and write your name in gold
Stand up, stop being scared and just do it
Stand up after every fall, don’t give in the world is waiting to buy your result…

Whatever your hand finds doing, your heart is in love with and your head is equipped with knowledge to execute….stand up, start and keep doing it.
Get up! Stop being ordinary. Go do extraordinary and you will be amazed how much everyone will care about you….

Babalola Michael

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