The Walk in Your Shoes…

Some days ago, I tried on one of my dad’s nice shoes and no matter how hard I try, my feet just won’t go in. I paused for some seconds, and suddenly I caught a glance of my mum’s shoes and something said to me, try it on too; just to satisfy the voice, I stood up and went to fit my feet in my mum’s shoes, weird right….(you should meet me, I do weird things sometimes) Oh! back to my experiment, my mum’s shoes were far too small for my feet so it didn’t fit too.
Not that I don’t know their individual shoe sizes or that I have no clear understanding that their shoes won’t fit me, but because at that moment something was prompting me to try on shoes that of course weren’t mine, so I did one better- my brother’s new sneakers was the next victim of my antics. Guess what, it was a perfect fit or so I thought because my feet slid right in. Happy that I have found a shoe that wasn’t mine that fits, I leaped to walk and then I realised that two things were involved; I was either leaving the shoes behind or the shoes were leaving me behind…lols
Defeated about the trauma I just went through….I know you will be wondering; is this that bad to qualify as trauma? Well, at least be nice enough to show some compassion…lols. Though, this may not meet your estimation of a typical traumatic experience, you will agree with me that it is not too nice for someone not to find at least a pair of shoe that fits yet belongs to another in one’s house. So, I sat down to console myself and then it dawned on me the whole reason for this exercise- You nor I can walk in someone else’s shoes, our individual journey to self discovery are exclusively personal, you were not created to walk in someone else’s shadow, you were not created to be the second man.

“You are created to find you, be you and do you”.

You are created to find you, be you and do you. You are designed to achieve your own purpose, you are made to fulfill your own destiny. I know this might sound selfish but the truth is you’re created to be your own hero because it is only then you can be a road map for others behind you to step into the light of their own greatness… So, my dear friend, go out and Do you.

Babalola Michael.

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