Fola King

This is a legal series about one case that turns into a life-changing situation when Fola bumps Aaima who later turns out to be the catalyst his case and his life need.


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About The Author

Tomi Adesina

Tomi Adesina

Tomi Adesina was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is an author, poet, fiction blogger and screenwriter. In 2013 she won the Nigerian Blog Awards for her blog fiction series and in 2015 her screenplay on cyberbullying (Feisty John) won the Homevida Prize. She also won the Nigerian Writers Award for Best Young Writer in 2015 and her short stories have been featured in magazines across Africa.
She has several TV credits to her name including Deadline (Season 1), Broadway, My Flatmates, The Other Me, Hakkunde and other TV shows.
George’s Pieces of Me is her first published work. She lives in Lagos where she is working on a new novel.
Her other works can be found on her blog at


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