People pursue different paths and pleasures for different reasons. Many seem to think these things would satisfy the inexplicable hunger and longing on the inside. People assume pleasures would answer the question of existence. Too many times, we assume that certain ambitions and targets would give us a lifetime of joy. Many say wealth brings happiness. Others say it’s family, sex or even other people’s approval or affirmation(like parents, friends, partners). It is at the point of accomplishment however, that we realise that happiness and fulfilment are not found where we have been seeking them…
Purpose is not a gift. Purpose is not an object. Purpose is not an achievement. Purpose is not a career. Purpose is not a lifestyle. Purpose is YOU!

This book will open your mind to the realities and mysteries surrounding purpose. Note however, this book is not exhaustive on the subject matter of purpose but it will instill in you the much needed foundational knowledge and expand your horizon beyond every myopic perspective you might have had about purpose in the past.


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Jesunifemi Ogundipe

Jesunifemi Ogundipe


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