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At Buboox, we don’t only sell for you, we also publicize you. We are assigned to your growth by attaching a dedicated team member to work with you during the period of its publicity and sale. Here at Buboox, we are not just selling it, we want to see it succeed.
We employ modern tactics like use of visual adverts – graphics and animation to further intensify the appeal of your work.
Buboox comprises a team of young and exciting individuals. This brand prides in growing with new authors, we offer a considerable percentage ratio in relation to Buboox and it’s Authors. Buboox – 25% Authors – 75%. We also love to be part of the stories of experiences authors.
We work to make your book purchase and delivery very seamless, so once your books have been published, you deliver to us and we sell across all states in Nigeria.
Alternatively, we have a publishing franchise that will be launched in the Summer of 2018, authors contracted exclusively to Buboox are published on contract basis.

Getting your book on the platform is easy and straight forward.

First, we need to on-board you the author and we would require some information to create your persona.

Pre-order : you give us your price and if you are running an exclusive pre-order with us, then it gets featured. You can get more information upon request on pre-order with us

Selling on buboox: As an author you can sell either ebooks or print with us, you make 75% on all sales of your works. We handle packaging and delivery ?.

Exclusive: You can also sign an exclusive sales deals with us, which gives you more % share off your book sales and more service offerings from us

Then you tell us when you want to receive payouts, we have the quarterly payouts and the “6-months” payouts ?..

Below is the format we require for on-boarding you the author and your books

Cover Page (book cover)
Synopsis (for each of the book)
Ebook – for download
Prices (for each of the book)
Photo / Identity (Author Picture)
category of the book (genre) – (i.e Fiction)

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